Thanks for reaching out. I declined to take comments because of the visceral hatred I received from certain right wing groups in the comments section. I patiently responded to most of the genuine comments but couldn’t take it any more when people started to attack my racial background and launching smears on my family. As per the article in question, I tried to be as thorough as I could and have included two citations per word, could you kindly follow up on them to get more insight. If you are still not satisfied please just block me and don’t read my work in the future. I’m not answerable to you for my decisions on this platform, so I would appreciate if you would not impose arbitrary rules such as the need to accept hatred from strangers. I am thankful for the effort you took to reach out to me and would certainly try to be extra careful with my research in my future work; that being said the decision to open or close a comments section is my authorial prerogative.