A bewildered star gazer thrusting from distortion to discovery.

I realized there’s a colossal difference between not caring and letting go

Photo: Delia/Pexels

I would definitely not rate myself as a spiritual person. My attention span is horrible and I’d probably start snoring within the first five minutes of a philosophy class. Not to mention, I am prone to continuous bouts of gut-wrenching anxiety — a state where I overthink my already overcooked…

Discrimination persists even after a century of adaptations

Source: Horror of Dracula(1958)

Ever since Bram Stoker’s iconic novel, there’s been no turning back for the Count. Withstanding countless adaptations, his story continues to populate our collective imagination. Dracula can be accredited for flooding our pop culture with a fascination for vampires. From Edward Cullen to Stefan Salvatore, the fanfare for vampires runs…

It is not a remedy for global income inequality

Photo: Olia Danilevich/Pexels

The recent exposé of the dismal taxes paid by various billionaire moguls has taken the world by storm. People are livid and justifiably so. After the pandemic washed away the topical moneyed magnificence, the world was confronted with its stark wealth inequality. Amidst the outcry over the K-shaped recovery, it…

A revolutionary idea that has finally found scientific backing

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon/Pexels

Sigmund Freud is probably the emperor of outlandish opinions. The dude literally came up with weird ideas such as phallus envy and the castration complex. Strangely enough, despite all the pseudo-scientific buffoonery, some of his opinions seem to have hit the mark. Be it the importance of childhood in our…

Shourya Agarwal

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