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A bewildered star gazer thrusting from distortion to discovery.

Even in the 1960s, samples would be injected into live amphibians


All over the world, pregnancy tests are an event. Few other results can swing people across excitement, anxiety, astonishment, or paranoia, all just in a matter of seconds. Irrespective of why someone’s taking the test, the magnitude of the result can be extremely unsettling. The tests would have been so much more daunting, had they entailed in a frog and patiently waiting for it to lay eggs like they used to not so long ago. Even though today it sounds borderline insane, this is exactly how pregnancy tests were conducted through a major chunk of…

A few thousand emus prevailed over machine guns

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Australia was a largely uninhabited continent. After the First World War, the government initiated an enormous for veterans, allocating more than of tillable land. As the demand for more land remained persistent, the remaining soldiers the less fertile land in Western Australia. The Great Depression of 1929 coincided with a drought, leaving the farmers on these marginal lands in a dismal condition. Apart from making ends meet in meager returns and measly rations, the ex-soldiers had an extraordinary grievance. In 1932, a

People fought for the freedom that we take for granted today

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A recurring theme in today’s media is the of second-wave feminism. Sometimes, it is portrayed as a radical, man-hating movement that does more harm than good. Other times, as a racially myopic congregation that intentionally brushed past intersectionality. While most criticism hurled against 1960s feminists may stick, it cannot discredit the widescale changes their activism ushered into society. Today, the discourse on feminism is so focused on the micro aspects of equality that we tend to forget the battles waged to clench political and legal equality across the gender spectrum. As we strive towards equality it's worthwhile to…

An 800-billion dollar industry struggles to escape the red


The aviation industry is the poster child of bad returns. What makes its situation even more interesting that on the surface it has everything an industry needs to succeed. The demand for flight tickets around the world is and technological developments are costs each year. To spruce up the situation, the industry commandeers enormous economies of scale under its wings. And yet with the slightest spike in fuel prices or an isolated case of terrorism, not to mention an all-out pandemic, the entire industry is . Even in the years when nothing…

How some misnomers can tank your money


Sitting in a South Delhi restaurant, my ravenous eyes scoured the menu. They caught on to the Bombay Duck and promptly placed the order. As I sat there salivating to the savors of exotic poultry, the waiter plopped down a pile of putrescent fish on the table. Instantly, my appetite vanished and I locked a disgruntled gaze with my food-to-be. To make matters worse, the hefty bill soured the little pleasure I was trying to suck in from the ambiance. Feeling utterly powerless, I quietly puppied out of the room. Though denied food, I had been served with a meaty…

From losing millions of dollars to annexing miles of territory

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Multilingual people will agree that translating is a tricky business. More often than not, perfectly immaculate sentences don’t convey the same meaning when replicated in another language. Oftentimes, leading to hilarious episodes. We only need to gloss over the humourous getting in trouble using, ‘Estoy Caliente’ when they were feeling hot. Or better still, the hilarious outside a temple in Bangkok— “It is forbidden to enter a woman even a foreigner if dressed as a man” — to see the dilemma of translating. Unfortunately, sometimes consequences of awry translation are worse than a few guffaws and…

Decoding the subliminal call for Muggle-world equality in the modern-day epic

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No one can deny that Harry Potter commands an unprecedented fanfare with its followers. Walk into any bookstore and you will find a voracious reader hungrily prodding through the stacked copies of Rowling’s finest. The Wizarding World’s charm only gets grander with a cinematic adaptation that further entranced millions. Such a massive fan-following begs the obvious question: what makes Harry Potter so special? When Potterheads the reasons for their undying love for the franchise, a majority of them pointed towards the work’s stellar world-building. And that they feel drawn into an enchanting universe that just seems too real…

I realized that I had gotten self-love all wrong

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The summer of my senior year kicked me right in the solar plexus. Walled up between sixteen-hour workdays, I found myself brewing the age-old recipe for disaster — pushing people away. The missed calls became dropped texts, and soon everything was replaced with the abysmal silence of a damp workstation. I just puckered up and kept going at it. Within six weeks, I had frustrated myself into an insomniac, coffee-drowned troll who had slowly begun to crumble from within. Thankfully, right before I hit rock bottom, someone threw in the rope. …

Why it’s troublesome to believe otherwise

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Standing in clogged queues can lead to all sorts of epiphanies. And so it happened in one such serpentine line at the Delhi Airport where my phone succumbed to two hours of fervent texting. Looking up, my eyes reeled on to a cheerful family who had just managed to secure a spot at the customs counter. When inquired about their ethnicity by the gentlemanly officer the family gave a reply that left me totally fanboyed.

“I am full Asian and full Hispanic and my husband is Caucasian.” Seeing the officer’s forehead furrow up in confusion the father stepped in. “Our…

Things are much better than you like to believe

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Whenever we think of the ‘developing world’ grim images like this one begin to dance before our eyes. Without even setting a foot in, we deride someone else’s home as a virulent dump. A land where scores of children would drop dead each minute, if not for the benefactors in the West. A place so back of beyond that even the crumbling embers of hope remain out of reach for a people hungering from birth. Over the years, many such collective misconceptions layer up so thick that we are simply unable to see a person for what they are. Perhaps…

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