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A bewildered star gazer thrusting from distortion to discovery.

I realized that I had gotten self-love all wrong

Photo: Evgeny Tchebotarev/Pexels

Odds are that you use these phrases every day

Source: Pexels

An 800-billion dollar industry struggles to escape the red

Melanio Salome/Pexels

How some misnomers can tank your money

David McBee/Pexels

From losing millions of dollars to annexing miles of territory

Photo: Ramon Kagie/Unsplash

Decoding the subliminal call for Muggle-world equality in the modern-day epic

Source: Slashfilm/Still Courtesy WB Studios.

Why it’s troublesome to believe otherwise

Photo: Cottonbro/Pexels

Things are much better than you like to believe

Source: Pexels

Upwards of 20 million women uncertain of their future

Photo: Jose Aragones/Pexels

How human self-centeredness has distorted the reality of a nuclear catastrophe

Credit: Pixabay

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