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A bewildered star gazer thrusting from distortion to discovery.

Misogyny pervades through women-centered media too

Source: DC Films

Sitting in a South Delhi restaurant, my ravenous eyes scoured the menu. They caught on to the Bombay Duck and promptly placed the order. As I sat there salivating to the savors of exotic poultry, the waiter plopped down a pile of putrescent fish on the table. …

History reveals that selfish greed played a bigger role

Photo: Pexels

These days I have returned to my guilty pleasure of stalking SJW pages on Instagram. With the second wave of the pandemic bulldozing through my hometown you can hardly blame me for reveling in the delights of second-wave feminism. On one such trip down the rabbit hole, I saw something…

Why it’s extremely insensitive to believe otherwise

Photo: Namo Deet/Pexels

As a self-diagnosed insomniac, I am all too familiar with the exasperating urge to sleep and the excruciating inability to snooze off. Very often moonlit nights would find me casually strolling through the streets, basking in the stillness of the 2-am atmosphere. Everything changed when I moved to the United…

Discrimination persists even after a century of adaptations

Source: Horror of Dracula(1958)

Ever since Bram Stoker’s iconic novel, there’s been no turning back for the Count. Withstanding countless adaptations, his story continues to populate our collective imagination. Dracula can be accredited for flooding our pop culture with a fascination for vampires. From Edward Cullen to Stefan Salvatore, the fanfare for vampires runs…

It is not a remedy for global income inequality

Photo: Olia Danilevich/Pexels

The recent exposé of the dismal taxes paid by various billionaire moguls has taken the world by storm. People are livid and justifiably so. After the pandemic washed away the topical moneyed magnificence, the world was confronted with its stark wealth inequality. Amidst the outcry over the K-shaped recovery, it…


Because I struck a backroom deal with our Aunt Evo

Photo by ThoughtCo

Oh gosh, don’t we all love Evolution? That willy-nilly godmother that sorts out everyone’s troubles. Be it a short antelope needing a longer neck or a horny bunny wanting a larger phallus — they can all rely on their Aunt Evo to get it done. Sometimes she’s off by a…

You are really just making it worse for the queer folk

Photo: 42 North/Pexels

Another Pride Month winds up. Once again a tide of powerful voices rose up to defend the universal right to love. Each year with a dauntless procession of banners and slogans we inch closer towards dismantling heteronormativity. However, while trying to put out the fire some of us are inadvertently…

A revolutionary idea that has finally found scientific backing

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon/Pexels

Sigmund Freud is probably the emperor of outlandish opinions. The dude literally came up with weird ideas such as phallus envy and the castration complex. Strangely enough, despite all the pseudo-scientific buffoonery, some of his opinions seem to have hit the mark. Be it the importance of childhood in our…

Even asking for basic equality was once revolutionary

Photo: Paddy Sullivan/Pexels

A recurring theme in today’s media is the utter disapproval of second-wave feminism. Sometimes, it is portrayed as a radical, man-hating movement that does more harm than good. Other times, as a racially myopic congregation that intentionally brushed past intersectionality. …

Why humans have been cooling off in the recent years

Photo: Pexels

The last two years have been years of wagging thermometers. Coronavirus seems to have jostled away from the ease of the old world order. Millions have queued up to undergo the mandatory temperature checks for access to the most basic necessities of life. From across the globe, people have hankered…

Shourya Agarwal

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